Erica Meier
Celebrating the subtleties of function.

Objects and skills come to define individuals as they acquire them; they become the equipment of the individual. as they are collected, they present an image and perception of the people who possess them. The connection of skill and object within our culture and society has driven me to examine the skills and things that we value and collect. The language of function and the mundane is at the core of this work. I find that the objects I create become strange things cradled and lamented by my fascination with function and dysfunction as I come to understand the role of disability within this duality. My life and work is consumed with mechanisms, ornament, and empathy; the complexities of ability and disability, my arsenal of trade and craft skills, and the nuances of material culture perpetuate my work. The way I make my living in manufacturing, the automotive industry, and as a metalsmith the vocabulary of Craft, vernacular art, and functional objects help fuel my work.